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Evans Gold Starburst Compact Carryall Purse

Item #1110039
Design Description: Evans Carryall Purse c. 1950

 Description:  Evans vintage gold tone starburst carryall compact purse; the bold textured starburst design is on both sides. Inside is a mirror which flips up to hide an empty compartment behind, prefect for money or cigarettes, a space for a lipstick, a small black fold-over pouch with a small comb behind the flap, a powder make-up compartment (about 10% of the powder is still there) and a pink power puff. Handle is a thick gold tone snake chain. Signed 'Evans' on the puff and in the make-up compartment.

 Size:  5 1/2" x 3" x 7/8", handle: 7 1/2"

 Condition:  Very good, missing lipstick holder