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Bohemian Garnet Gold Filled Wrap Bracelet

Item #160784
Design Description: Bohemian Garnet Wrap Bracelet c. 1900

 Description:  Bohemian garnet wrap bracelet with three gold filled panels in the center etched in a basketweave pattern and decorated with Bohemian rose cut garnet flowers. The band is made with gold filled beaded segments along a fixed slide and anchored at each end so they don't move much. Both end caps are engraved with 'AI (or A1)' and the date; 'JUN' and then 19. 8 or 3 with a space between the 9 and next number The end of the date is worn away and it's impossible to know whether this was June 19th in some year or June, early 1900's. The presence of the date indicates it was likely a bride's bracelet, possible one of pair.

 Size:  7" z 1/2"

 Condition:  Good; gold overlay worn off on bottom of the bracelet and moderate wear throughout band

 Price: $269.00

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