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Retro Gold Plated Tank Track Bracelet

Item #190679
Design Description: Gold Tank Track Bracelet c. 1940's

 Description:  Vintage wide and chunky gold plated tank track bracelet; each of the fat hollow links are curved to fit comfortably around the wrist. Despite each link being hollow, it's quite heavy. The links alternate rows in a staggered brick pattern. The hidden clasp fits into the last middle link. The top portion of the clasp, then art with the locking mechanism, is broken, but because of the curve, it still snaps into placer fairly tightly and holds with the added assurance of the original safety chain.

Sold 'as-is' note condition and description

 Size:  8" x 1"

 Condition:  Good; top half of the tongue of the clasp is broken, but still holds and you have to pull to release. Can be worn safely, safety chain intact

 Price: $58.00