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Victorian Baccchus Cameo Mounted in Jet

Item #222114
Design Description: Queen Conch Cameo in Jet c. 1860's

 Description:  Victorian very rare and unique Queen Conch cameo set in a Whitby jet frame. The very pale pink conch shell couple depicts Bachhus (Dionysus) on the left with a fennel topped scepter in his left hand and his right arm draped over a wine barrel. He seems to be bowing slightly to a woman (possibly Ariadne) seated next to him. The cameo is remarkable not only for its subject matter, a scene of two people,, but for its very high relief and intricate carving. It is unusually large and mounted in a simple, unadorned oval Whitby jet frame. Hinge clasp with simple c-closure on the back.

 Size:  2 1/8" x 1 3/4" x 1/2" thick

 Condition:  Very good, twosmall dings to lower edge of frame and origin pin base has been reglued onto back

 Price: $1950.00