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Eisenberg Original Rhinestone Bow Fur Clip

Item #191139
Design Description: Eisenberg Original Fur Clip c. 1940's

 Description:  Eisenberg Original huge pot metal bow fur clip cast in three separate pieces riveted together and set with a variety of large and small Swarovski crystal rhinestones. The loops and one ribbon are set with a combination of big ovals and rectangles, all with small rhinestones between. The knot is two rows of channel set large baguettes, the spray below is a sweep of four large ovals on thick pot metal wires and the trailing ribbons are pavé set with clear rhinestones with a large baguette at the end. Signed 'Eisenberg Original' on the back.

 Size:  3 1/2" x 2 5/8"

 Condition:  Very good, largest stones only very slightly tinted with yellow

 Price: $495.00