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Sterling Blue Spinel Garnet and Pearl Bead Bracelet

Item #207063
Design Description: Granet Spinel Pearl Bracelet c. 1990's

 Description:  Sterling silver and 18k gold 12-strand patriotic bracelet; four stands each of genuine pearls, faceted garnet beads and slightly larger faceted blue spinel beads. The pin slide clasp is sterling with an applied 18k gold squiggle design, and the strand bead ends are also 18k gold. Hallmarked 'Sterling 18K' on the end of the clasp with a hinge lock on the underside. The red and blue beads have been tested, indicates garnet for the red and spinel for the blue.

 Size:  6 3/4" x 1 1/2"

 Condition:  Excellent

 Price: $399.00